Law of Attraction NOT Working for me

Have you been trying to get the law of attraction working for you?

I know I was and I also know that in the beginning it just didn’t work whatever I did. So I did some research  and I realized that it was me that was making the mistakes and these are the specific mistakes that I was making.

Chances are you are making some of them and that is why the law is not working for you …

6 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction is NOT Working for You


  1. You don’t know what you want
    We all think that we really know what we want but in reality we don’t.  If that magical genie were to suddenly appear right now in front of you and is ready to fulfill ONE of your wishes what would you ask?

    I know. I didn’t give you enough time to prepare.Fair enough.

    Take 10 minutes. Maybe an hour and prepare and write down on a piece of paper what you want.

  2. You are not specific enough
    So you asked the genie for a very nice car. He says “Done” and right there in front of you is a beautiful, sleek dream car.

    But you are aghast. It’s a TOY car.

    You forgot to specify that you wanted a car to drive!  Makes sense?

  3. Deep down you believe you can’t have it
    While you may want a nice BMW convertible, right after thinking about it other thoughts take over. Like –

    Can I afford the Insurance? I am going to need a garage to park that thing …What unholy things could happen if I park that car on the road?

    If you notice, all of these are negative thoughts. Along with these thoughts rise emotions which make you feel bad (or at least not good). And as we know emotions are energy. And …… it is this energy that is preventing that car from showing up in your life.

  4. You tend not to persevere in your efforts to manifest


    You are probably aware of dozens of techniques to get this law working for you. Affirmations, visualizations, different types of meditations etc etc.

    So you write down your affirmations. You joyfully repeat your affirmations on Day 1. And on Day 2. And you continue for 10 whole days.


    Then you miss a day.

    While its not a big deal, you beat yourself up (or not!). Most of us tend to be too judgmental and hard on ourselves.You start again and continue for a while. Then its time to go on that vacation that you had booked 6 months ago.

    And doing the daily affirmations is out the window. You promise yourself that you will faithfully start again after you get back.

    Yeah right ……

    … you have a 1000 emails waiting for you. A hundred voicemails. And you never start …Sound familiar?

    Then a few months later you are onto another shiny thing. And this time, all you have to do is put on your headphones and whatever you want will magically appear.

  5. You are confused about all this talk of vibrations and frequency
    When I was young, I accidentally touched a live electric wire and was literally flung across the room. I heard the buzz and felt those vibrations.

    Years later when I got onto the Law of Attraction bandwagon and heard about vibrations and frequency, I thought I might have to give myself an electric shock!

    It took me a while to figure all this out.It really means Emotional Vibration.Remember that vacation? You felt good while you were sunning yourself on a beach, didn’t you? That good feeling is the vibration.

    Then you got back and the day after headed back to work; got stuck in traffic and the mood finally turned blue when you saw that you had more than a thousand emails waiting for you. This particular feeling is a bad vibration. Or vibes.

    So vibration is “how you FEEL” and THIS is your true Guidance System. But we will leave it for some other post

  6. You hold a lot of negative beliefs
    We got these from very well meaning folks like our parents, teachers and the local priest. And we got a lot of them.

    Beliefs like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “It is better to be poor and spiritual”. And a few thousand others.

    Beliefs are therefore thoughts and ideas that we BELIEVE implicitly. They play a huge role in our lives and yet they remain hidden from plain view. And since we can’t see them, we end up with even worse beliefs about ourselves.

    So if you believe that it is indeed better to be poor and therefore spiritual (this presupposes that only poor people are spiritual …), then you are never going to be driving that $200,000.00 car.


    Cause you gotta be rich to drive a car like that!  And if you are rich, you therefore can’t be spiritual. In your mind, you can have one or the other but never both.

    This is such a huge topic and entire sciences have been created to deal with it.

    We will deal with this later.There probably are other reasons but it was these six that tripped me up big time.

I finally achieved that Abundant Mindset (or Wealth Mindset) by devouring a large amount of books and putting into practice some of the things I learned.

Here are some books that should help you too.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Psycho-Cybernetics, Updated and Expanded



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    This is good. Thanks for the info on the books

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      Thanks Himanshu. Glad you found this useful.


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